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Why Us:

We are big supporters of all our professional salon partners. We hold a strong belief that you are all the best point of contact to your public clients. So with keeping that in mind we have made it our mission to create a program that supports both you and your valued clients.

How Does It Work:

If you are a licensed professional or salon we invite you to register with us today and become part of the team. We will provide you with professional pricing and a personalized discount code to share with all your clients. Every time your code is used you will receive a commission on all completed purchases made.

Program benefits:

  • Salon Professional pricing.
  • 10% commission on all completed orders using your code.
  • Sharing a 10% discount to all your clients when referring them where to purchase their professional tools.
  • Exclusive early notifications to new product releases.
  • 10% commission will be paid out quarterly in the form of a credit to account.



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