Hikari Heavy-Weight Removal (CT727)


  • Hikari Precision Convex Edge
  • Hikari’s proprietary blend of molybdenum, cobalt, and vanadium alloys (Hikari steel level 4)
  • 14 teeth, approximately 60% removal
  • 2 rylon glides in the pivot area provide super smooth cutting action and less wear
  • offset handle
  • tang (permanent finger rest)
  • decorative cap on an adjustable tension screw
  • blade length (tip to pivot) = 2 3/8″
  • overall length (tip to end of longest handle) = 6.0″
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CT727: Powerful cutting teeth cut cleanly though the hair with little effort. Great for heavy texturizing on thick hair. Opening and closing the texturizer a few times on the same section will remove all the hair, leaving a nice textured finish. Use it to do an entire haircut.

You can vary the amount of hair removed by holding the scissor at different angles. New upgraded modular pivot design and precision cutting teeth result in effortless cutting. Special proprietary drycut metals result in power and durability on dry and wet hair.

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