Hikari Dragon Cosmos


  • Hikari Precision Convex Edge
  • Hikari’s proprietary blend of molybdenum, cobalt, and vanadium alloys (Hikari steel level 5)
  • standard handle (opposing grip)
  • slight cutaway thumb hole
  • sculptured handle shank (camel hump)
  • concave outside edge for precise palm to palm cutting
  • 2 rylon glides and extra wide pivot provide super smooth and powerful cutting action with less wear
  • 2 removable finger rests
  • coin adjustable tension screw
  • blade length (tip to pivot) = 2 1/2″
  • overall length (tip to end of longest handle) = 5 3/4″
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Dragon Cosmos:  If you are looking for the best scissor in the world this is it!
Once again, Hikari leads the industry with the most innovative scissor in the world! Introducing Dragon Cosmos. Geometrically engineered for amazing precision and accuracy for cutting both wet AND dry hair! Unique weight distribution along the blade and special proprietary metals result in power and durability never seen in a scissor this slim. Concave outside blade edge fits perfectly against your fingers when performing palm to palm cutting. This results in ultimate precision as the hair is always cut at a perfect 90 degree angle.  New triangular rylon pivot area provide ultra smooth operation and cutting consistency from the pivot to the tips.
Great durability for wet and dry hair, precision cutting, powerful, maximum comfort, smooth and quiet. Dragon Cosmos has it all!  You will not be disappointed!

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